Perth Morris Men perform traditional dances from the Cotswold Hills and other areas of England. Performing their first stand in Hay Street in March 1974 the side is the oldest side in Australia.

The Perth Morris Men are members of both the Australian Morris Ring and the (English) Morris Ring.  The latter we achieved in 2015 by “dancing in” at the Thaxted Ring Meeting – see UK Tour.

First Gig - 1974

 The 1st Gig – March 1974

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 For further information about the above photo – read an email from one of the cofounders of Perth Morris – PhotoBackground1stGigDaveThomas   Further to the article – there was an error – 2nd from the left was Chris Keene not John Watson.  Apparently John Watson was there but may have been taking the photo.  The event happened in March 1974.  Further photos from this period can be viewed by clicking the link Early Perth Morris Photos

For more history of the Perth Morris Men see PMM History

We practice on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9 PM in a Guide Hall in Monash Avenue, Nedlands (adjacent to Hollywood Primary School).  It is adviseable to make contact with us before hand (via the Contact Us section of this website) since occassionally we may do a stand somewhere instead of practice – it doesn’t happen very often but we would hate to miss you if it did.  New dancers and/or musicians are very welcome.  After practice it is customary to adjourn to a nearby establishment to enjoy a refreshing beverage (alcoholic or otherwise!)

Reasons why a gentleman should Morris Dance

  1. It is good exercise for both the mind and the body.
  2. It is FREE– there are no yearly membership costs, tuition cost, or other fees.  The only costs are any incurred down the pub after practice and the purchase of “whites” (white trousers, white shirt and a straw hat – traditionally some of this gear has been purchased from St Vincent de Paul’s or the Salvation Army).
  3. The men of Perth Morris have many years experience of the dance and are happy to teach newcomers.
  4. “What if it is too complicated for me?” – I hear you ask.  There is only one way to find out – come to practice and have a go.  Generally the dances belong to certain traditions (villages) eg Adderbury, Bampton etc.  These have a set of “rules” eg single step, morris step, hook leg etc.  Once that bit is sorted out, the “foreman” will call the dance so the dancers will know what they have to do next.
  5. It is FUN.
  6. It is also rewarding when we perform for the public – they always enjoy our performances.
  7. As testament to the Morris Dancer’s ability to be associated with attractive women refer to the Sub Page Maid(s) of the Mill in the Photo Gallery section of this web site.  Maid(s) of the Mill

Also courtesy of A Muddle of Morris we get the following link “Ten Reasons to Join a Morris Side…

Did you know?

That Perth Morris Men can perform at Weddings, Fairs, Fetes, Festivals, or Markets.  The cost for a performance is basically $350 however it is subject to variation based on the “Robin Hood” principle.  We often dance for Aged Care places for free and for fund raisng eg Church Fetes for a negotiated figure.  We are a not for profit organisation with monies raised going toward practice hall hire, Public Liability Insurance, membership of the Australian Morris Ring and maintenance of “kit” and the odd round of drinks for “rehydration” following a performance.  At the moment we are also focused on raising funds to represent go as a side to Morris on Tour NZ being held in Wellington from 1st to 7th of January 2017.

Download our brochure –Perth Morris Brochure 2017 – it contains relevant details about the Perth Morris Men eg contact details etc.  Or download our recruiting flyer – Recruiting_Flyer2014_Final

Any enquiries, please use the “Contact Us” section of the web site or email to